Is your Traffic Management Plan Up To Scratch

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Who needs a Traffic Management Plan

Whenever there is a need to perform any type of construction work, hold a public event; perform maintenance of buildings or any other infrastructure work that involves public roads or the areas that are in the immediate vicinity of a traffic road, a Traffic Management Plan, also known as TMP, needs to be elaborated. It consists of a variety of mandatory safety measures and traffic planning details that allow for a smooth traffic and accident prevention on the road portion that is subject to any type of traffic disruptive work. A TMP needs to be carefully elaborated to include every relevant detail, legal requirements and safety concerns, which enable an effective and secure work environment for the road workers or public event participants.

A Plan to Manage Traffic ensures a safe work environment

Construction work on public roads, infrastructure and maintenance tasks or landscaping routines that may affect the normal vehicle or pedestrian traffic on a certain part of a road may results in accidents, injuries or simply ineffective work if a Traffic Management Plan is not designed properly. The plan is an official and comprehensive document that serves as a detailed plan that consists of a series of actions and schemes that address multiple workers’ and traffic participant safety issues. Public events that are held in the area surrounding a road are also an important cause of traffic-related accidents or injuries; so Traffic Management Plans are mandatory in such cases as well.

Do you need a Traffic Management Plan for your Construction JobTraffic Management Plan

If your company performs any type of construction, maintenance or landscaping works in an area that affects the traffic flow on a certain portion of the road, you are required by law to have a comprehensive and detailed traffic management plan at construction site. Designing a Plan should be left to professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in traffic management, who will evaluate each situation and potential hazards specifically for your type of work and traffic disruption. If an accident or an injury occurs during any type of construction, maintenance or landscaping work that your company performs, and you don’t have a high-quality, all-inclusive traffic management planning, legal action may be taken against you, generating unnecessary costs and causing work delays or slowing the completion of the job.

A comprehensive, professionally elaborated plan is legally require when any type of traffic disruptive work occurs in the area of a public road or public right of way domain. The traffic management plans are to be submitted to the local administration authorities for evaluation and approval. A poorly designed plan may be rejected, causing unnecessary work delays and substantial costs. A professional and experienced company is the best way to have your traffic plan designed effectively and in a timely manner. They can provide you with an individual assessment of the TMP needs for your specific type of work on the public road domain.

Traffic Management PlanA traffic management Planner will include all the necessary traffic controlling measures and safety procedure to ensure a smooth work and traffic flow. You are legally not allowed to start any type of work that could disrupt or slow traffic on a public road without a comprehensive, all-inclusive TMP. The most important features of a good plan include methods to ensure safety of vehicles, people, pedestrian and workers, and to provide a proper safe work environment for road workers. The types of activities, which require submission to the local administration authorities, include construction works, building maintenance, landscaping work or a public event that disrupts traffic in a certain area of a public road. Make sure to hire a professional and experienced company; otherwise you may be facing legal charges for any injury, accident or negligence due to an incomplete or poorly designed Traffic Management Plan.

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