When Is A Traffic Control Plan Required

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Is Your Traffic Control Plan Relevant?

A council approved plan is always required when in the course of carrying out traffic flow or the movement of people. This could be due to special events, full public park closures among others. The primary objective at the end of the day is to ensure an effective as well as efficient movement of people and the easy flow of traffic before, during and after such events. Now the scope of the work involved in traffic control will be outlined here. Information such as the vehicles as well as the plant to be used, work duration and any other relevant information will be provided in this report.

What Are The Principles Of A Traffic Plan

In the creation of a traffic plan some of the general traffic control principles that should be observed in order to ensure proper flow of traffic include: every traffic plan strategy should endeavor to minimize disruptions as well as inconvenience that may occur to all road users, signs plus other devices to be used in managing traffic should be placed at a good time. In addition, such signs or devices should be well seen by all road users and not obstructed by other objects in any way. Also, signs, devices as well as traffic control principals should be used to inform, warn plus guide all road users safely through, past and around the concerned event or work areas. In accordance with the plan these signs or devices should, however, be removed after completion of the event.Traffic Control Plan

The Different Stages Of A Traffic Control Plan

Now here are some of the things or stages involved in the implementation of a traffic control plan. Take note that prior to implementation there should be an approved plan in place. That is approved by the relevant government agency or agencies as the case may be. Usually implementation of a approved plan will commence with signs as well as devices being placed in the strategic locations approaching the concerned event place or activity. These signs or devices will usually follow in this order: advance warning (e.g. prepare to stop), intermediate advance warning, delineating devices used in forming a tapper, which includes flashing arrow signs, etc., any other relevant warning sign or device should be included.

At the conclusion of roadwork requiring a traffic plan there is the need to remove all signs, objects and devices made use of in the management of traffic and the movement of people. This is often carried out in the reverse order in which it was erected. That is the way the signs, objects and devices were erected. For instance with respect to any lane closure, work vehicle needs to be placed between workers and the approaching traffic. Then, this vehicle will normally reverse slowly along this roadway that has been closed. This way by following the correct procedure workers will be able to conduct there work in a safe manner.

It is important that before undertaking any project that there is a need for approval by the relevant government agencies. Doing otherwise, can lead to a fine or worse still withdrawal of license to operate in the concerned area. Another important item that is required in the course of creating a plan is a careful assessment of the immediate area where this plan will be implemented. It is not just good enough to check out the outline of this concerned area on paper. There is a need for physical assessment of this area. This might reveal certain things that were not considered in the initial stage of the project.

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